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Category: Gay Asian

Release Year: 2014
Studio: Asian Ephebes
Cast: Beeh & Boyle
Genres: HD, Gay Asian porn, Thai boys, Uncensored, Duo, Safe sex, Raw
Video language: English

Will I surprise you, but we already met Beeh for some videos and Boyle too for one solo. Maybe, will you be confused but yes, Boyle changed his look a lot! On a very positive way in my opinion! Do you agree with me?
Boyle met me last week, by chance I’ll say. For long he was willing to contact me, but he lost his phone and my number by the same way. He got a very bad time, indeed, and needed help! For a while, he was jobless and ate few… I really cannot deny when I see how thinner he is! He is now much more confident in himself and want to play in many videos in the future. I believe no one would stop him. Right?
Boyle will join our Ephebes Exclusive Team in next days too, of course!
Today, Boyle was eager to meet a man to fuck him deeply. He liked to meet Beeh, so I manage to fill his wish! For his first appearance in a duo, I think he showing us his best. I was really amazed by his skill in sensual delights and I let you judge by yourself. On 2d part, following in next update, we’ll get a volcanic cum erption… Please, just be patient.

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Category: Gays

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Brant's getting more and more used to guy/guy sex … and to keep pushing him along in his CF education, Tom steps up to the plate to let Brant fuck him!

Tom was also initially hesitant about bottoming. So I let these two spend some time together before the scene, so Tom could give Brant the benefit of his experience. I think it helped, but the lean, handsome Brant hasn't crossed over just yet. I won't stop working on him, though!

Brant learned quite a few tricks from Tom, though. In this video, he sucks Tom's cock as well as Tom's big feet! Brant gets more turned on than he thought he would and he can't wait to pound Tom's ass.

Brant has a long, thick cock and he eagerly slides it into Tom's hole. Tom moans as he takes every inch of Brant's dick.

Brant fucks a thick load out of Tom, then he shoots his own huge load into Tom's face and mouth. Tom swallows all that hot jizz down and then the guys hit the showers.

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Category: Transsexual

Cast: Melissa
Video language: English

Exotic Melissa in her skintight red pantyhose drives this guy insane with need. He can't stop rubbing her red clad legs and licking her high heels. When he is naked she begins to give him a footjob in her covered toes as she plays with her own hard nylong clad cock.

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Category: bdsm

Studio: Kink: Public Disgrace
Cast: Justine,Nick Moreno
Video language: English

Public Disgrace is The site for real public sex and public humiliation. We take our girls to the street where everyone can see them, strip them bare, fuck their brains out, and invite strangers to fondle and finger them. It doesn't get more authentic than this. If what you want is real public bondage and sex then look no further, Public Disgrace is the site for you!

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Release Year: 1998
Studio: All Worlds
Cast: Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Bruce Hill, Tanner Hayes, Nicholas Clay, David Bradley, Austin Masters, Tom Matthews, Mitchell Stevens, Jason Ryder, Dean Maxwell, Sam Carson, Michael Vista, Billy Sax, Nick Moore, Paul Dawson , Mat West, Kris Wolff
Genres: Oral, Rimming, Group, Cum shots, Anal, Safe sex

The scene: a back alley. The goods: 18 horny men. The situation: random sexual encounters and an orgy. The bottom line: A fuckin 'hot time! There's plenty more to this video than ass licking, but indeed, the ass licking is as intense as it gets. Each scene builds on the previous one to end in a blazing glory of a no-holds barred orgy.
The first scene features Billy Sax and Tanner Hays going at it. Billy looks absolutely edible with his rock hard dick sticking out of his shorts as he teases Tanner. These men display some awesome talents in cocksucking and ass eating before Tanner takes a seat on Billy's pole for a very well-shown sweaty fuck. Billy creams all over Tanner's chest and proceeds to mix it with the sweat and lick it up.
That's just the lay-up for an even hotter second scene. Real-life lovers Blake Harper and Ja Branch have been watching the previous coupling and get so hot and bothered themselves that they being to suck face and suck cock, all the while being watched by Bruce Hill through an open window. Bruce soones out to join them, and what ensues is one of the hottest all-oral scenes ever caught on videotape, deservedly winning as the Best All-Oral Scene in the Gay Video News 2000 Awards. These men suck ass, dick, and face like there's no tomorrow. At one point, Blake manages to much on both Ja's and Bruce's ass at the same time, while he teases Bruce's ass with Ja's meaty dick. This is made all the hotter by making the viewer a true voyeur, at times showing the action through a chain link fence.
The next scene is with the ultra-hung Paul Daw and scruffy Michael Vista. Michael is in cocksucker heaven as he visibly struggles to get Paul's horsemeat into his mouth. One huge turn on in this scene is that the saliva flows freely, both with the cocksucking and the kissing. At one point, after an intense face sucking moment, Paul and Michael pull briefly back from each other to show off their gaping open mouths with interconnecting strands of saliva. The cocksucking and ass licking is no less enthusiastic. The scene ends with Paul giving Michael a sloppy facial, which Paul then devours.
The final scene is an orgy that starts out with six men and literally explodes into a maze of flesh of cocksucking, ass eating, and buttfucking among 14 men. The men tend towards the beefy side (Mitchell Stevens, Austin Masters, Sam Car, to name just a few), and the cocks are no less meaty than the men. There are a few twinkies thrown in, Mat West and Tanner Hayes, who are covered in a coat of cum by scene's end. There really is too much to describe here, but you will undoubtedlye back to this scene over and over.
Chi Chi has pulled off one fantastic ball-busting video. The men are hungry and eager, and the sex ranges from hot to scorching. You will definitely not be disappointed, and you'll find yourself repeatedly perusing this video when you feel the need to spank the monkey.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:12:07
Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 716.1 MB